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38 Task Force / 38 사기동대

Title: 38 사기동대 / 38 Task Force
Chinese Title: 38師機動隊
Also Known as: Police Unit 38 / 38 Revenue Collection Unit / Squad 38 / Tax Team 38
Genre: Crime, Comedy
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2016-June-17 to 2016-Aug-06
Air time: Friday & Saturday 23:00
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A special task force will mix cops and criminals in order to catch bad guys, but this time the good-bad guys will be con artists who use their skills of fraud and deception in order to help catch tax evaders.


Main Cast
Ma Dong Suk as Baek Sung Il
Seo In Gook as Yang Jung Do
Choi Soo Young as Chun Sung Hee

Unit 38
Song Ok Sook as Noh Bang Shil
Heo Jae Ho as Jang Hak Joo
Go Kyu Pil as Jung Ji Wang
Lee Sun Bin as Jo Mi Joo

Tax Collection Bureau
Ahn Nae Sang as Chun Gap Soo
Jo Woo Jin as Ahn Tae Wook
Kim Byung Choon as Kang Noh Seung
Lee Hak Jo as Ahn Chang Ho
Kim Joo Hun (김주헌) as Inspector Park
Jung Do Won (정도원) as Inspector Kim

Oh Man Suk as Park Duk Bae
Jung In Ki
Lee Ho Jae as Choi Chul Woo
Kim Hong Pa (김홍파) as Bang Pil Kyu
Kwon Tae Won
Kim Joo Ri
Oh Dae Hwan
Kang Min Tae (강민태)
Jang Myung Gap

Lee Se Young
Production Credits
Director: Han Dong Hwa
Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon

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38 Task Force Thai subtitles1

38 Task Force Thai subtitles2

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