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Second Love – Lack Of Sleep, Kame Style

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The school girls are out of control even more and Mom becomes the major obstacle between Yui and Kei. I can’t stand the way Yui lets these brats walk all over her, will she ever put her foot down with these little princess-monsters? I realize its tough being a teacher these days but do kids really get away with this kind of crap? Ugh.
So we left off with Kei telling Yui to break up with the other man she was seeing, which is followed by a request that she move in with him. *heh* He wasn’t just interested in a booty call, he wants her around all the time. Yui is surprised, she’s never had a man ask her to live with him before.

As Yui walks towards the school entrance, she sees married guy and rushes forward to ask that he meet her later at the cafe. She’s wasting no time in breaking up with him! He’s busy but she keeps pushing until he snaps at her and walks away, which is noticed by some of the school girls. *sigh* Great, just great. They’re not very discreet, they both seem to be wearing signs on their foreheads that say they’re having an affair.

Kei’s co-workers notice he’s been tired lately and tease him about it. *kekeke* One of the guys overheard Kei on his phone, talking in another language, Kei tells him it was German and finally spills that he’s a dancer. The guys assume he means he’s a stripper. What the…that’s the last thing I would have thought of and quite a leap but they don’t believe Kei when he denies it either.

The strange, quiet student, Sora Takeuchi asks married guy what he sees in Yui, saying it’s disgusting. Should I feel better that she’s not only attacking Yui? On the other hand, she seems like the type who would do her best to get them both fired. I don’t think that would be a bad thing for Yui but since married guy has a family to support, I feel sorry for his wife and kids if this comes out.

Kei dances in the practice room, Yui goes to watch but he doesn’t even notice her presence. Walking home, he asks her to stay overnight again but she wants to go home and talk to her Mother, knowing it’s going to be difficult. Kei understands, his Father used to tell people his son was in Germany playing soccer instead of admitting his son was a dancer. Yui changes her mind and they end up at Kei’s for more smexy times.

When Yui sneaks into her house in the morning, Mom is waiting and slaps her. Accusing Yui of treating her disrespectfully, she announces she checked and knows Yui lied about staying out drinking with her friend. They argue as Mom’s itchy neurosis flares up, she’s disgusted to think her daughter is having an affair since affairs are filthy. Mom needs serious mental help.

Yui promises not to hide anything anymore and will tell her everything but not now, she has to go to work when Mom suddenly blurts out she met with married guy. Yui is shocked but Mom acts like it’s completely normal to meet with her 3o year-old daughters boss to discuss her behavior. (LOL) Yui reminds Mom that her teacher’s salary is what’s putting food on their table and leaves. She texts married guy to meet her at the cafe that evening.

At work, Kei is caught off guard when a crate smashes against his ankle. His co-workers tell him this job is dangerous if a person isn’t getting enough sleep. At the studio, he applies spray and is wrapping his injured ankle when insane ex, Ayako shows up. She’s concerned and spits out how much she hates “that” woman but he ignores her. Telling him she’s not coming anymore, she asks that he quit that dangerous job, says goodbye and leaves. Yea…I doubt it’s gonna be that easy.

Yui meets married guy at the cafe, he asks if that stalker from school is her new guy? She nods yes but admits she doesn’t know much about him. Answering honestly, she tells him she met Kei for the first time on that day and he’s 6 years younger. He thinks that’s wrong, it’s okay for the guy to be older, even 15 years. Yui doesn’t care, she likes him and she’s going to live with him.
She apologizes (although for what, I don’t know) and thanks him. He wants to have sex with her one last time. *vomits* As they leave, he bumps into another guy on the street, grabs Yui hands and runs until Yui stops when she sees Kei passing out fliers. After a staring contest, they follow married guy for a private conversation. Introducing himself, he asks Kei why he came to the school that day.

Kei admits he wanted to meet Yui. *hee* Married guy bombards Kei with questions, acting like he’s Yui’s guardian (which makes me sick) but Kei ends up putting him in his place. When married guy says he’ll oppose their relationship if Kei can’t put food on the table, Kei tells him it doesn’t matter if he approves, his feelings for Yui won’t change. BooYAH! Kei takes Yui’s hand and they start to walk away until married guy yells, asking Kei to look after her. Well, all right then.

Back at Kei’s place, Yui is worried he won’t be able to dance if his leg is injured but he tells her he’s danced with injuries before. She smiles, saying he’s not getting enough sleep, which makes him smile too. After she announces they should try not to use his leg, he remarks that he doesn’t need his leg for that, as long as she does her best. Bwahaha, is he asking her to be on top? I can’t…

As she cleans up dishes, he hugs her from behind, saying he can’t help it: when he looks at her, he wants to touch her. Admitting it’s the same for her, she’s still planning to go home and have a talk with Mom. He tells her that even if Mom is against it, she should come live with him. They talk about what to call each other, he says Kei is fine. She wants him to call her just Yui instead of Yui-san but then blushes when he does. Okay, that was cute, LOL.

On her way home, Yui is confronted by insane ex, Ayako. See this is the part of dramas that I don’t understand, why would anyone ever talk to an ex? (unless it involves children). I’ve never spoken to an ex-girlfriend of any guy I dated in my entire life, it’s insane. Anyhoo, Ayako blames Yui for Kei getting injured since he’s not getting enough sleep. OMG, is she keeping track of how often Yui sleeps over or something? Sicko.

Ayako threatens to kill Yui if anything happens to Kei that would ruin his ability to dance. Pffttt, saw that one coming. Yui stands her ground, gets up in Ayako’s face and says she won’t ruin Kei so Ayako won’t have to kill her before walking away. Kei gets a phone call from the German guy who fired him. This guy is coming to Japan and wants to meet. Hey, it’s that one white guy who’s in K-dramas too.

At home, Yui explains everything to her Mother but I’m guessing she left out the part about sleeping with married guy since Mom is relieved she’s not having an affair. But when Yui nods that yes, she’s going to move in with Kei, Mom breaks down and boohoos that her daughter is abandoning her. Unbelievable. I wonder if what her reaction would have been if Yui had said she was getting married? I realize its too soon but I’m curious if Mom would be happy for her or not.

Mom even tries to talk her into bringing Kei to live there. Wut? LMAO! Part of me feels sorry for Mom but she’s made Yui her entire life, which isn’t Yui’s fault. Children will grow up, move out and move on with their own lives and most parents know this. People should have their own interests or hobbies, you can’t make one person your reason for living. Yui quickly packs to leave but as she’s walking out the door, Mom tries one last time to manipulate by asking if it’s okay if she starves?

When she shows up at Kei’s door, he hugs her tightly. He’s really sorry about her Mom but he’s happy. Then the scene cuts away to show Mom, sitting on the floor in the entryway by the door Yui just walked out. We also see married guy standing outside on his balcony in his PJ’s late at night, unaware that his wife is watching him. Wow, just wow. *shivers* This drama is chock full of really scary people who have mental issues. That woman’s face scared me to death.

The next day, Yui goes shopping for a cushion to sleep on the floor so Kei won’t be squished into a single bed and can sleep better. That doesn’t really work since he fakes falling out of bed and onto her bed, then pulls the covers over them for more smexy times. *keke*

Kei meets the German guy and learns the reason he wanted to meet is to ask if Kei could be an interpreter (translator) for the company when they perform in Japan. He even introduces the dancer who replaced Kei and is doing Kei’s part in the performance. OUCH! After thinking it over, Kei talks to Yui, he’s decided to accept the offer and prepares to brush up on his German. His life had stopped but now it’s moving forward again and he’s convinced a new opportunity might present itself.

When Kei announces he’s taking a few weeks off at work, the guys tease him again which prompts a private one-man show of his interpretive dance skills. The guys are dumbfounded, quietly clapping and bowing when he’s done, feeling they should thankful but unsure why. I’m right there with ya, guys and just thankful it’s over. Bravo to Kame for being brave enough to do that on camera. He’s much better than I would be. (LOL) The boy has some tumbling skills!

The school brats gossip about overhearing Yui asking to meet married guy and decide because Yui is just a teacher who can’t do any better, they must be having an affair.  Even the other teachers get in on this, believing it because men have affairs. The headmistress scolds the teachers for listening to such rumors.

When Yui enters her classroom, she finds the chalkboard covered with nasty comments about affairs being a crime while the girls chant the word “adultery” over and over. As Kei leaves work, Yui’s Mom shows up and begs him to give her daughter back to her.


I thought it would be Ayako who would attempt to kill Yui but now I’m thinking it might be married guys wife. OR Mom will try to kill Kei. (LOL) I’m almost positive someone will either die or be seriously hurt in this drama, there are just too many ultra-creepy characters. There’s insane ex, the Mom-who-won’t-let-go, beotchy, jealous school-girls along with the strange, quiet one and now married guy’s wife. SOMEONE will end up getting hurt, it’s just a matter of whether it’s Kei or Yui.
From the preview, it appears Mom clocks Kei upside his head with her purse and there’s trouble in paradise as Yui and Kei fight. It also looked like married guy is fighting with his wife but I couldn’t be positive that was her. I’m more than ready for Yui to get fired and stop being harassed by those brats but worried if she’ll have a hard time getting another job.
I’m jumping ahead of myself again, I should just relax and stare at Kame’s smile.
See you next week!


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