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Second Love Finale – Winning Your Goddess, Kame Style

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Kei returns to Japan after spending a year traveling with the London dance company. Ohh, nice haircut! (LOL) He’s met by insane-ex Ayako at the airport. Surrounded by press who congratulate him on the successful tour, they ask about him being chosen as one of the top 100 people who are changing the world. Although he’s happy, he hasn’t forgotten the times he wanted to die because he had no work One of the reporters asks if someone saved him and he flashes back to the day he first saw Yui on the school bridge.

Entering his apartment, he can’t help noticing how barren it is, all of Yui’s belongings are gone. He flips through a magazine feature about himself and in voice-over says it always felt strange that Yui wasn’t with him. No matter where he was, he was always looking for her. Really? I find that hard to believe considering she was right in front of your face and you never looked at her then. Pfftttt, cry me a river.

The next day, he heads to the girls school to find Yui. As he walks towards the entrance, all the girls stare, isn’t he on TV? Our cutesy schoolgirl, Sora walks by the gossips and tells them he’s there to see Yui. *keke* He waits until finally married guy comes storming out to ask what he wants. Of course, he wants to see Yui but he’s told she quit.

He follows married guy into the teacher’s lounge to talk. Married guy is angry Kei didn’t take care of Yui the way he promised, if he had known Kei would flit off at a moments notice, he would never have turned her over. Oh, stop pretending like you were the one calling the shots here! Jerk. Yui and your wife would both have dumped you eventually anyway. He won’t tell Kei where Yui is but to further frustrate married guy, two of the younger male teachers get Kei’s autograph on their way out.

Kei next visits Mom, she’s delighted to see such a huge celebrity at her door and invites him inside. Mom is hilarious, she’s all giggly but doesn’t know why. LMAO! When he begins asking about Yui though, Mom tells him she’s not here and refuses to tell him where she is. Since they broke up, Yui has been living on her own. He wants to see her but Mom demands to know what his intentions are.

He wants Yui to live with him again and drops to his knees, begging Mom to tell him where she is. Mom tries to explain how ordinary and insecure Yui felt when she was with him, she wants Yui to find a man who would balance her. And Kei needs to meet an exciting woman, one who matches his talent and lifestyle better. He’s adamant, Yui is right for him. Mom smiles, she thinks Yui would be very happy to hear this. Awww.

Suddenly Mom’s phone rings, it’s Yui. Kei grabs her phone and upon hearing Yui’s voice, he asks where she is? We don’t hear her answer but he rushes out. In voice-over, he tells us he tried to call Yui many times while on tour but she changed her number so he was hearing her voice for the first time in 10 months. He runs all the way to her new job, she’s now working at the Agricultural Chemistry Research Institute Lab. Standing outside the glass building, he sees Yui walking though the corridors, she sees him too.

Giving him a tour, she shows him what she does, pointing out vegetables in the controlled environment. This will help the international food crisis. Noticing him watching her as she talks, she explains veggies are like her high-school students, only they don’t talk back, using bad language. They are, however, somewhat moody like Kei. (LOL) He wonders if this is her dream job since she’s talking about it so passionately, he thinks it’s cool.

She read about him in magazines, she knows he went all over the world and is happy he’s returned safely. He wonders if she would have come with him on tour if he had been more insistent, she thinks she would have ended up annoying him. He blurts out that he loves her. He wants her to look only at him again, he wants to be with her forever.

Getting up, she tells him she doesn’t need him anymore. She’s just a Junior researcher but the work is interesting and she enjoys it. Even if he’s not around, she knows she can improve. Asking him not to sway her heart, she leaves. Well, okay then. As he slowly walks out, she watches from the windows. Oh, so she’s totally lying but thinks it’s better this way? I say idiot writers who use last-minute noble sacrifice crap should be shot.

When Yui gets home, Mom asks if Kei came to see her? Yes, it was nice to see him after such a long time. Mom tells her he kept asking “where is she?” over and over then admits she lied that Yui wasn’t living with her. Yui reassures her that it’s fine while Mom blabbers on that he’s no good since he has no intentions of getting married. Although Mom can’t believe she quit her job teaching, she’s happy Yui has stability at her new job.

Arriving at his agency the next morning, Kei is informed an offer has been made for him to be the Director at the Hamburg State theater in Germany. Ayako is excited, it’s amazing to get such an exclusive offer at his age but Kei wants some time to sort out his feelings. Yui reads about the global opportunities with her company, it’s a chance to build experience internationally. She suddenly has fire in her eyes.

Kei phones Yui but she ignores his calls. He returns to his apartment, getting excited when someone wearing white knocks, he thinks it’s Yui. Nope, it’s insane-ex Ayako, who storms inside. She bought his flight ticket, he’s leaving for Hamburg next week. He reminds her he’s not in any hurry but she claims he has no other options and is worried someone else will swoop in to steal this job from him. He doesn’t care.

She continues to insist until he turns, asking what is it she doesn’t understand? Ignoring that, she demands he move out of this apartment. When he refuses, she snaps: is it because it’s full of memories? He’s being pathetic, acting like a different person so he needs to hurry up and forget that woman. OMO, what a nasty beotch.

Ayako continues, he ignored that woman yet as soon as he returns, he wants her again. He thinks of Yui as his toy, she wouldn’t put up with it if she were Yui either. She keeps pushing Hamburg until he snaps, yelling at her to get out. He waits outside Yui’s workplace but she walks past him. He follows, telling her about the offer from Germany, he wants her to come, he can’t bear to lose her again. Yui keeps walking. Ouch.

Yui meets her friend, Haruko, who broke up with her younger man and left Paris because he got himself a younger woman and isn’t returning to Japan. She realized there was no point in being in Paris on her own. While she was there, people stared at her and her younger man, which bothered her so she began staying away from others and ended up lonely. Yui thinks Haruko is cool, Haruka doesn’t regret loving him although it’s painful.

As Haruka breaks down into tears, Yui tells her she’s also broke up with Kei but doesn’t regret that she loved him. Haruka wishes to see the other teachers, Yui admits she hasn’t seen any of them since she quit. Ayako phones Kei but he ignores her. Haruka and Yui meet married guy at a karaoke bar and later, he walks her home. He tells her Kei came to the school, looking for her and asks if they got back together? No, they didn’t.

Married guy thinks Kei is unpleasant but he’s jealous of his youthful mentality. He tells her about his kids, his daughter got accepted to her first choice of University and his son has a girlfriend. Plus his ex-wife is dating, she has a new boyfriend. He thinks women are very strong-willed, even Yui found herself a new job and is much more lively than she was before. With determination in her eyes, she says she has a long way to go.

At work, Yui turns in her application to participate in a global career. She’s informed she won’t be able to choose her location, the test is hard and her age might make it difficult. What the…is this guy a major ass or what? Yui is determined to do her best so she’s accepted. She’s told someone is waiting in the reception area to speak with her, it’s Ayako.

Ayako reminds Yui that if she causes problems for Kei, she said she would kill her. OMG, get over yourself. She believes Yui is holding him back, Yui tells her that’s not the case. Ayako isn’t listening, snapping at Yui to stop chasing Kei and interfering in his life. *facepalm* She has no idea how ridiculous and pathetic she sounds. Yui finally calls Kei, they both run to meet. Kei hugs her but realizes something is up and pulls back.

Looking at her face, he knows she’s not coming to Germany with him. She nods, he was born to fly amongst the stars. She doesn’t want him to hesitate anymore, she wants to see him shine. He understands, if he hadn’t met her a year ago, he thinks he might be dead by now. She opened doors for his life, he’s very grateful and will never forget her. She won’t forget him either, they hug. Seriously, show? *throwsdeskstuff*

If he accepts the Director position in Germany, he’s giving up dancing for good. When he was on tour, he danced to his fullest because he knew he would give it up. Yui makes a request: can he dance for her, one last time? He dances amongst the water fountains then turns to Yui, who smiles and walks away, he watches her leave.

A year passes. Kei is living in Germany and walks to the theater everyday. Yui studies while he watches dancers audition. She does a presentation to be part of the global team and is later delighted to see her name on the list. When the company announces the assignments, Yui is surprised to learn she’s going to Germany.

Kei arrives at the theater, goes up the stairs and sees Yui standing there. They walk towards each other in slow-motion, with the gorgeous castle theater in the background. (Really, it’s pretty). Yui tells him she came to Hamburg to make lettuce. ROFL. They both smile, Kei pulls her into his arms, hugging her close. This is how hugging should be done!

Pulling back, he says he missed her, she missed him too. He bends forward to kiss her but the camera pulls back, we just see a view of the castle, surrounded by snow.


It’s over! *sobs* I can’t believe we got cheated out of that last kiss but I’ll let it go since Kame is not a great kisser to begin with. (LOL) There were moments I did feel chemistry between these two but that might be because Kyoko Fukada is truly a beautiful woman, which I’m sure Kame noticed. *hee* All-in-all, I felt this supposed incredible love between them was forced, I never bought it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this drama!
I again have to say how impressed I was with Kame doing so many things out of his comfort zone. The dancing was much better than anything I could do, his English and German skills were both good. I’m very aware how intimidating some Asian’s find speaking English, I want to make it clear I think he did a great job and thoroughly applaud his efforts. Trust me, I find speaking Korean in front of a Korean native frightening too.
I found out this was supposed to be 10 episodes but was cut short because of dismal ratings. I’d love to know why! Is the viewing audience not ready for a “scandalous, adult drama” or is it the lack of chemistry between these two? Although this wasn’t even close to being a great drama, I certainly had a lot of fun covering it. Let’s cross our fingers that Kame will come back with something really enjoyable next. In the meantime, you can always check out my Kame favorites:
Suppli (2006) - Kame plays a temp office worker who matures right before our eyes. His chemistry with the leading lady is kinda meh but he’s much more ornery and lively in this drama so it’s a must see.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (2006) – Typical poor boy meets rich girl story but Kame’s chemistry with the lovely Haruka Ayase is off the charts awesome.


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