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Cruel Romance ep 6 Recap

Cruel Romance ep 6 Recap

XYD gets beaten up in jail because that girl he was trying hit on is the women of the police department head.

The son of the police department head is beating XYD.

RJX comes to ask ZZ to help XYD. ZZ sees her knee bleeding and carry her inside the house.

This time it's the other way around, ZZ is healing RJX. She begs ZZ to save XYD.

ZZ talks to the head of the police department but he says XYD is not in jail. Such a liar!

However, ZZ knows XYD is inside.
YMZ also comes and ask for XYD. YMZ gives him a gift to show sincerity and bribe him into letting XYD out. The old geezer touches YMZ's hand.

XYD is still getting beat up by the son. The son said YMZ is really pretty and if she sleeps with his father then might let XYD go. XYD says YMZ will never do it.
RJX begs ZZ to do something about XYD's capture.

ZZ is already on it but she just doesn't know.

XHC knows about XYD's situation. He sends a telegram to the old geezer (in charge of the police department) and ZZ.

XHC has something planned out to solve XYD's problem. Now that's a relief.

ZZ's assistant are doing whatever they can to help XYD. They made threats and everything but the old geezer still doesn't release XYD.
ZZ says this is business matter but RJX follows anyway. ZZ glares at her but says "start the car."

ZZ talks to the old geezer and he is really putting pressure on the old geezer.

RJX had to interrupt and ruin ZZ's momentum. The old geezer said this is not the place for a women. Women have no say in this.

ZZ says to solve his problem in return for XYD's release. ZZ also hinted that he kidnapped the old geezer's women.

XYD comes back but not without any bruises and blood.

RJX ask how he is.