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Cruel Romance 錦繡緣華麗冒險 ep 5 Recap

Cruel Romance ep 5 recap

YMZ looks at the bullet picked up from the burned down house. She questions how an entire family is killed over night. I guess she wants to see who killed RJX's family(YMZ's family too).

The two japanese guys are having a showdown, kendo style!

MR lost against his master.

YMZ sends her assistant to help ZZ recover. They want to make ZZ fall in love with the assistant. YMZ also tells her assistant to keep track of RJX.

Long Si thinks he is going to die because ZZ is going to kill him. Long Si ask for the japanese guy to keep him alive.

Long Si make the master blame on RJX for losing the medicine. RJX says she can try to heal him.

RJX and ZZ leaves the master's house all fine and dandy.
Long Si ask the master why he let RJX go. The master answers "She will be the bomb by ZZ's side." He is such an evil person, I thought he is a kind master for ZZ.

Master is drinking the bitter medicine made by RJX.
XYD keeps on seeing RJX as YMZ. He almost went in for a kiss but a maid had to interrupt them.
RJX later went to ZZ's house to see his wound. ZZ ends up kissing her. He thinks RJX has feelings for him but he is wrong.

She tells him that she doesn't like him.

XYD tries to intimidate YMZ. She pushes him away. XYD says you are my sister-in-law.

XYD needs to forget about YMZ! He knows he has to but it's hard to forget about your lover.
YMZ is also having a hard time forgetting about XYD. She looks upon the earrings that XYD gave to her.
ZZ's assistant kidnaps RJX and throws her onto ZZ while he is in bed. He tries to make out with her but she said "I will never love you even if you are the last man on earth!" That is harsh!
I have no idea who these people are but they show up at this night club.

XYD is drunk because of his broken heart. He tries to pick up this lady by saying sweet word like "Your a thief,  because you stole my heart."

The assistant tells RJX that it was his decision to kidnap her, ZZ had nothing to do with it.

After she gets out of the car, she sees people kidnapping XYD.

A lot of kidnapping in this episode.

The assistant ask for forgiveness and says "I should not have kidnapped RJX."

ZZ just wakes away angrily. ZZ is so nice to his assistants, he doesn't beat them like other mafia boss.

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