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Cruel Romance 錦繡緣華麗冒險 ep 4 Recap

Cruel Romance ep 4 recap

RJX returns ZZ's necklace but he said he will not take back the things he give out. So RJX has no choice but to take it back.

ZZ helps her wear it!!!!

RJX gets the pocket watch in the morning. So she heads off to the church to give this pocket watch to this unknown person.
XYD is in the confession box that has a similar symbol to the pocket watch.

RJX sees the confession box with that symbol and goes inside. She says  the secret code that was given to her by her teacher (in the first episode). And XYD answers, so she gives him  the pocket watch.

While they were in the confession box, those villains come.

Those guys are scary, they just kill anyone in their way. Look at the glare he is giving.

XYD runs away to distract them.
The villains chase after XYD and the pocket watch falls to the ground. The villains pick up the pocket watch.

The leader of that group of villains is Maeda Ryuichi. While his minions chase after XYD, he waits inside the church. He see RJX runs out of the church and has a flashback.

For a villain, I can't keep my eyes off him.

Qi Ji as Maeda Ryuichi (MR)

So his lover looks like RJX, but she was killed by Chinese  people? I didn't really understand that flashback, but all I know is MR lost his lover.

SH comes and saves the day! Well, he was ordered by ZZ to keep an eye out for RJX.

RJX sees a tattoo on one of the villains and she thinks it is a clue to finding out who killed her family.

MR opens the pocket watch and finds a list of names that are patriotic to China and rebel against japan.

RJX thinks of her family, how heart breaking is it for the girl.

I can't picture myself in her shoe because I never lost anyone dear to me.
XYD walks in on XHC and YMZ making out. Awkward much?!

YMZ tells RJX to get out of Shanghai. RJX tells her if she can live here, so can RJX.

While RJX and XYD talk, RJX had a thought that XYD was the person who took the pocket watch, but this thought quickly vanish because she thinks it's not him.

RJX ask XYD if she can work in the hotel. She doesn't want to rely on others. Girl! You are already relying on ZZ.

Love these two assistant. Right one said to let ZZ and RJX be alone in the room. SH has no concept this romance thing at all. LOL!

She helps him bandage, this scene will never happen to me in real life because
a: who gets hurt like that?
b: in this day of age, there is something called hospital.

Can't miss the fighting scenes in every episodes. I group of people sent by Long Si to attack ZZ.

The wound on ZZ's chest opens up again. RJX says she should stay away from ZZ because nothing good comes from being near him. All the fights happen when she is near him.