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Cruel Romance ep 3 recap

Cruel Romance ep 3 recap

 YMZ tells her assistant to book a train ticket to Zhenjiang.

Ohhh, look who couldn't forget about her family.

RJX ask ZZ for the pocket watch, but he tells her one last time that he doesn't have it on him.

At least tell the poor girl that his assistant has it!

RJX doesn't believe him and follows him in the car.

The car gets into an accident or should I say a planned assassination by Long Si.

RJX and ZZ both made it out of the car crash alive. The only one died was the driver.

ZZ tells RJX to leave. He has another group fight.

So much fighting, maybe the director is a boxer or something?

RJX doesn't make it very far. She gets cornered by a pregnant lady.

GIRL! What happen to the athletic side of you during the beginning of the first episode?!

ZZ comes and save the day, again...
ZZ was about to kill the pregnant lady but RJX tells him to let her go because she is pregnant.

ZZ doesn't let go, so RJX pulls his arm and the lady runs away.

RJX is escorted by ZZ's assistant to go back to the hotel.

Even though RJX let that pregnant lady go, she goes to tell her boss, Long Si, about ZZ having a girlfriend.

So not true, but Long Si believes, and use RJX as bait to lure ZZ.

RJX, what have you gotten yourself into. She gets kidnapped by Long Si.

ZZ shows up, hurrah. He is going to rescue RJX. Long Si ask him why is he attracted to this girl. ZZ says, he is not here for the girl, but to settle the feud between Long Si and him.

Poor RJX, has no idea what is going on and is held at gun point.

ZZ eventually rescue her but not without a bullet in his chest.

The police shows up and ends the fight.

That blood looks like Jam. I should go make myself a sandwich.

The 3 assistant is having a hard time finding a doctor to take out the bullet from ZZ. The reason is because the japanese guy kidnapped all the doctors that know how to take a bullet out.
Luckily for ZZ, RJX seen her father take out bullets before and she can do it on him.

It was her first time and she was really nervous but ZZ held her hand to dig the knife in and he passed out.

YMZ arrives at the burnt down house.

When she met RJX before, RJX told her that their parents were murdered.

YMZ reminisce about the pass. Even on her death bed, her mother still hates the Rong family for kicking them out.

YMZ said since she can't get her revenge on RJX's mom and dad, she will make RJX suffer instead.

Oh My! what a horrible sister to have, poor RJX.
XYD sees a friend being chased. This friend is someone he went to school with in France. His friend said he can't tell him the details, but he wants XYD's help.

He tells XYD that he needs to meet a person to get a pocket watch.

The two assistant are really handsome and funny. They are worried and wonder why ZZ is not awake yet. They also think RJX might faint because she has been staying awake to take care of ZZ.

Guy on the left is Shi Hao.

Yang Le as Shi Hao (SH)
ZZ wakes up and finds RJX staring at his chest. She was just looking at his scar.

ZZ ask her what RJX wants as a reward. RJX says she only wants her pocket watch back.

SH tells ZZ that RJX is good and that she might like ZZ.
This guy, he can't see a girl's heart at all!