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Cruel Romance ep 11 - 12 recap

Cruel Romance ep 11 recap

Anna is leaving with Yu Ping to Shanghai.

Anna thanks XYD and gives him a little peck on the cheek.

 Anna tells RJX that she will write to her. She will send the letters to ZZ's house because she doesn't know how long RJX will stay at Mei Hwa company.

Is this foreshadowing that RJX is going to get fired or leave Mei Hwa?

XYD left because he has an appointment with someone. ZZ said, "Let's go eat."

RJX admits that she solved Anna's problem wrongly.

RJX has trouble cutting the steak and says, "It would be good if I had a pair of chopsticks."

While RJX is in the washroom, ZZ cuts up her steak for her.

She comes back and says, "I wanted to learn how to do it."

ZZ says, he would cut for her forever and she ends up choking on the steak.

This guy meets up with ZZ so that he can do business with him. ZZ owns a harbour port that receives shipments. The business guy wants ZZ to receive a shipment for him. ZZ ask him what kind of shipments.

ZZ has rules for his harbour port.

ZZ see her getting hurt and tells SH to pay for her freedom. She talks back at ZZ saying, "Who needs your generosity, it's your fault that I became like this."

The girl brings ZZ and his assistant to her house.

The girl's dad was someone who used to work for ZZ. ZZ said he gave money for him but he spent it on opium(drugs). ZZ feels sad for her brothers (anyone that works for him, he consider brothers).

This guy also saved ZZ's life before. He shielded ZZ from a bullet.

ZZ tells his assistant to bring him back to the mansion.

Another underling has the opium addiction. He begs for forgiveness and says he will never touch the drug again. When he got close to ZZ, he took out a knife to kill ZZ.
ZZ tells him he treats him like a brother and locking him up will cut the addiction.

RJX comes to heal ZZ's hand and she says "If you treat him like your brother then why lock him up?" ZZ doesn't explain and RJX misunderstood ZZ's intentions.
ZZ finds drug in one of the shipment he is receiving. He confiscate the drug and plans to destroy it.

The business person complain's to ZZ's master. The master order ZZ to give back the drug and that business is business even with drugs.

ZZ explains that this drugs is harmful for his brothers. ZZ doesn't listen to the master.

ZZ comes down to see his brothers. They are all suffering and keeps on asking to smoke opium.
ZZ ask RJX for a favour. RJX laughs and says "ZZ is asking me for a favour? It should be I asking what I can do for the big ZZ."

ZZ ask her help to cure his brothers from the addiction.

He locked them up and sees no sign of improvements.

ZZ hasn't sleep for 3 days because he is taking care of his brothers.

RJX thinks, ZZ is a pretty nice guy under that cold appearance.

I thought the old guy wanted to kill ZZ but his last words were, "ZZ, I am sorry, I will never smoke again."

ZZ looks really sad.

Long Si comes to get the drugs but ZZ has orders not to let anything get it.

ZZ ends up burning the drugs.
ZZ says he will suffer because he broke the rules. Master was going to punish him but all ZZ's brothers kneel and says they will take the punishment.
XYD sees a little girl crying and ask what's wrong. Little girl says that I haven't sold any flowers today and if I don't sell any they will wilt by today and I won't have money for my mother's sickness.

XYD buys all the flowers.

XYD ends up giving the flowers to RJX and ZZ sees the whole situation.

XYD takes RJX to see a movie. It's her first time and she say fire on the screen and thought it was real.

XYD calms her down and tells her it's not real.
ZZ is not in a happy mood. He tells her that two of his guys died today because of the drugs. RJX says, "I don't know what to say, I don't understand your world." ZZ replies, "You will enter my world, you can't get away."

ZZ said, "I will protect RJX and will not let anyone hurt her. I won't let anyone take her away."

Cruel Romance Ep 12 recap

 Co-worker: Ah, sorry. Water doesn’t have eyes, so it went on you. What a waste.

RJX: sorry, my water doesn’t have eyes either.
Co-worker: you, you…
Other co-worker: don’t fight, if the managers find out then you will be fired.
Co-worker: Yao Jie let you go, but watch out.

Mom: does it look nice?

Young ZZ: yes, I never saw a bracelet as nice as this one.
Mom: Keep this protected, once your fated person comes then give it to her.
Young ZZ: What does fated person mean?
Mom: Once you meet her, you will know. When your sad and having a hard time, the first person comes to your mind will be that fated person. You will do everything in your power to protect her.
Young ZZ: Then my fated person is mom. I want to protect mom.
Mom: ZZ, mom will get old one day. You have to remember, once you meet that girl you have to be nice to her just like your dad. Be a good man and live on with your life. Your father could not achieve the business; I wish you could achieve it, okay?
Young ZZ: Mom, don’t cry. I promise you. 


ZZ: Give this to RJX.
TH: Second master.

JL: Tong Hai, why are you in a rush?

TH: Miss JL, it’s you again. Right now, I am delivering a love present on behalf of ZZ. ZZ’s mother said to give this to the future sister-in-law. That’s why I am in a rush.  ZZ ordered me to give it to RJX. I think you should give up and stop wasting your time around ZZ’s mansion. Well, I am leaving.
JL (thought): RJX, it’s you again. 

RJX: you’re looking for me?

TH: sister-in-law…miss jing xiu.
TH: I am here on behalf of ZZ to give you this gift.
RJX: Thank you, but I cannot accept this.
TH: please don’t make this hard for me. You know ZZ’s temper; if I bring the gift back then my life will be in danger. Please save me. This bracelet is very expensive. Take good care of it!
RJX: ah, I don’t want it.

 JL is trying to get on RJX's good side. She says YMZ will get past all the bad stuff and reunite with RJX.

 JL sees the bracelet and ask RJX to borrow it for 2 days. In return she gives her bracelet to RJX.

It was YMZ's order for JL to get close to RJX.

JL complains about ZZ giving the important bracelet to RJX.

YMZ orders JL to give a gift to ZZ and wear this bracelet.

ZZ at first doesn't pay any attention to her. JL tries to get him to see the bracelet by grabbing onto his arms.

ZZ finally sees the bracelet and takes it off of her by force.

In the old days, a lot of people wear gloves. I can't stand it because you can't do anything wearing them.

I don't even know how ZZ snaps his fingers with gloves on.

ZZ goes to RJX's dormitory and ask why she gave it to JL. RJX said "you gave it to me so I can do whatever I want with it."

She wish mom and dad were here, then she wouldn't be bullied.
 RJX ask ZZ for the bracelet back. She said, "You gave it to me, so I can do whatever I want with it, right?"
ZZ answered yes.

RJX says she can only exchange feelings and won't be taken in by money.

Noooo! RJX, that was ZZ's mother's momentum.

Feel so sorry for him. But like a guy should personally give the gift, don't get your subordinates to do it.
 RJX comes back to find her bed soaked. She has had enough. At work she is bullied by co-workers and outside she is bullied by ZZ.

RJX decides to move out. She ask the man how much is it per month. The man replied, $5.

RJX can only afford to pay $1 a month.

This guy is looking at RJX in a very inappropriate way.

RJX tells her she can pay $1. He accepts saying he is a good guy.

Psh! good guy my ass, a perverted ass to be exact.

RJX moves in and was about to get changed but found the perverted guy peaking.

She kicks him in the private area and hits him a few times before running away.

She thinks of her sister not uniting with her and Anna leaving.

She thinks Shanghai doesn't have a place for her.

RJX runs into the guy that showed her the job.

Xiao He as Zhou Mu (ZM)

RJX ask him if he has any friends that have a place she can stay at.

ZM brings her to this huge house.

 ZZ looks at RJX's house from the outside with ZM.

ZM said, "So your going to the guy that does stuff from the shadow?

ZZ already bought the house and it's under her name.

ZZ tells him not to tell RJX about any of this.
 MR tells YMZ to get XHC to invest in his company. Or something along the lines of supporting the japanese company financially.

YMZ said she can't do it because she is just someone under his care. MR tells her if she gains the title of a wife then she will have more power.

YMZ rejects him and MR said no one will disappoint me.

 Chen manager explains the idea of using a male and female model. Mei Hwa has only used female models. She said to find prominent people in shanghai to be the model.

Chen manager stole this idea from RJX.
 The CEO likes this idea. She ask who will be the model. Chen manager names XHC, ZZ but the CEO doesn't think they will fit as a model. XYD is the perfect person to be a model.

CEO also said YMZ will do for the female model.

Chen manager said, "RJX is close with them, she can ask them to join."

YMZ said, "Didn't I tell you to never appear before me."

RJX explains the proposal of YMZ being a model for Mei Hwa.

YMZ rejects her.
 RJX comes to ask XYD to be a model. She gives the puppy dog face and he agrees to do it.

 Well this dude looks crazy. I'm guess he is the one that sent that read letter to YMZ.

He has pictures of YMZ posted all over the way.

 RJX was about to tell the CEO the bad news but the CEO said good job. Both of them has agreed to do the model.

MR introduce himself as YMZ's friend. He tells him that when both of you die then you will be together forever.

 XYD doesn't want to put the make up on. But RJX convince him that the lighting of the camera won't show his face if he doesn't have make up on.
 The CEO bumps into XHC. She thanks him for letting YMZ be a model for her company product.

XHC hears that XYD is a model as well.

It seems like XHC doesn't like XYD and YMZ together.

Well these two look awkward. The camera man keeps on telling XYD to get closer to YMZ. The camera man can't read the atmosphere at all.

XYD says, "I am tired, I need to take a break."

YMZ wanted to tell XYD about the red letter she is receiving but XYD said it's better to tell his brother.

 MR is here too. He is over seeing his own advertisement.

He tells her not to forgot her identity.
She tells her not to meet like this because it will expose us.

MR's assistant ask if we are going to tell her the plan. MR said, "No, need. She is only a chess piece for our nation.
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