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Cruel Romanc ep 9 - 10 Recap

Cruel Romance ep 9

 RJX comes into a elegant building and sees a lot of girls putting on make up.

She ask the girl beside her what does Mei Hwa (company) do. The girl tells her Mei Hwa is every girl's dream job. It's a cosmetic company.

The CEO of Mei Hwa. She looks chalked full of make up on her face. I  have only worn make up three times in my life.

Tong Chen Jie as Ling Mei Hwa (CEO)

The last five interviewers go in to meet the CEO. One by one, each interviewer was eliminated because of hiccups, un-neat appearance, etc. It was down to RJX and the girl who has a connection with that manager. RJX sneezed when the CEO came close to her. RJX quickly explains that the perfume on the CEO made her sneeze. RJX names the ingredients that she can smell on the CEO.

The CEO ask the other girl to name the rest that RJX can't name. The girl doesn't know and she was eliminated.

 ZZ planned for RJX to get the interview and asked the CEO to hire her, but the CEO wasn't even going to consider RJX because she hates when people don't use their own strength to get in. But RJX piqued the CEO's interest. RJX got hired because of herself and not by the influence of ZZ.

This is like the third time in this drama ZZ said "Women are troublesome."

RJX visit Anna at the nightclub. Anna ask her for Mei Hwa's envelope. I can guess that Anna is lying to her parents about working at Mei Hwa.

On the first day, this manager (Yao Jie) tells RJX to organize the inventory in the storage room.

Liu Wei as Yao Jie (YJ)

 Well, she is up to no good. She heard that RJX got hired at Mei Hwa and ask the manager to get rid of her.

Finally found out her name.

Xie Wen Xuan as Jin Ling (JL)
 The manager said, I have a debt to settle with RJX too. The other girl got eliminated because of RJX, so the manager wants to get even with her.
 YJ tells RJX that she messed up. She was suppose to put this type of power around the product so they wouldn't go bad. But the products went bad because of the rainy days.

CEO said "You let me down RJX."

YJ tells RJX that she has to pay back the amount that the products its worth. I think it was around $130. Remember that back in the day, that amount of money is a lot.

RJX meets up with XYD. XYD says he believes that she didn't steal the necklace. XYD also ask her to come back to the hotel. She says, she is happy working at Mei Hwa. She wants to earn money on her own and doesn't want to rely on anyone. Well, there goes the thought of borrowing money from XYD.

ZZ picks her up. She ask if ZZ would lend her some money, she will return it. ZZ ask why does she need the money. RJX explains and at the end of her explanation, ZZ said no.

ZZ talked about his experience when she stepped into Shanghai. ZZ and his assistant, Tong Hai was bullied at their first job. ZZ did not let it go, he stood up for himself and Tong Hai.

If you let the issue go then the bullies will become more powerful.

RJX thinks about it and said she has been approaching the situation all wrong.

She tries to find the one who did it.

She finds a trail of the powder that she put out.

She tries to see CEO but the CEO has a meeting.

RJX waits for her meeting to be done.

The meeting is finally over and RJX ask the CEO to give her two minutes to explain the whole situation.

Next day, the manager that was in cahoots with JL got a talk with the CEO. Wish the evil manager got fired.

ZZ's spy tells him that RJX is amazing. She is strong and handle the situation really well.

ZZ can't stop smiling and Tong Hai sees ZZ smiling.

MR is getting praise for killing the list of people found in the pocket watch. He gets promoted, have no idea what title though.

He looks so evil, I don't like him. I find MR to be an evil sexy villain. This guy is just old and evil.

YMZ enters with XHC and notices the Japanese flag. Is this a sign that she is working with the Japanese?

She talks to MR and MR compliments her and tells to ask her out.

YMZ goes back to XHC and tells him that "That man(MR) is hateful."

She bumps into MR and MR gives her a present. MR tells her a story of a paradox box given to a princess. The princess should not look what is inside but after a few days her curiosity got to her. She opened it and it the story ends in a disaster.

YMZ opens the box that MR gave to her. It's a pair of scissors.

My thought: That pair of scissors look really beautiful, wish I had a pair.

She has a flashback.
YMZ's mother said this all happen because of RJX and her mother. She takes out a nice and stabs herself because she can't handle this anymore and her death would motivate YMZ to take revenge.

YMZ gets picked up by the japanese guy.

The guy tells her the mission is to get close to XHC and wait for the next order.

The time has come for YMZ to take action. The guys tells her once this is done she will be free. Psh, yeah right, free my ass. YMZ is going to be marked as a traitor of the nation for this.

Cruel Romance ep 10 recap

 Every scene with MR is so bloody! Long Si calls MR's master an old guy multiple of times. MR couldn't take it anymore and said some words that offended Long Si. Long Si trashed the table and MR replied, "since I was young, I learned that it is not good to waste food." MR picks up a pair of chopsticks and stabs Long Si.

RJX tries to get Anna's mail but Chen manager said she sent the mail back because Anna is not an employee here.

Anna looks for the mail frantically.

Feel sorry for the mailman who has to pick it all up. Can't a guy just do his job in peace.

Anna tells RJX that her boyfriend is visiting and she can't let him find out she is a dance girl(cabaret girl).
 RJX ask XYD for help. XYD of course agreed to Anna.

When you put RJX and XYD together, they don't seem like a couple to me. More like two naughty kids that attract trouble.

RJX said the room looks amazing but it's missing something. The place is missing the products.

RJX thought of borrowing the products from the warehouse, but she is going to need help.

She goes to ask for ZZ's help. ZZ just can't say no to RJX's request. He's falling for her. YAY!

ZZ plans ahead by talking to the CEO. ZZ tells the CEO that he will be borrowing the products because of RJX. He also gives her a cheque in case anything were to happen to the products. CEO says, "I envy RJX."

Welcome Yu Ping to Shanghai! Let the lying begin!

XHC finds out about XYD's situation. He tells his assistant to help XYD if he needs anything. I think the brother is trying to set up RJX and XYD, so that XYD gets a new love.

No! Don't kiss him! XYD treats RJX like a replacement for YMZ, but he stops last minute and kiss her on the forehead. I'll give him credits, he came through last minute and realize it's wrong.

These two are going to sabotage RJX's plan for Anna.

RJX is a good motivator, she tells them that everyone of them has a dream or goal. Anna's dream is Yu Ping and it would help if everyone cooperate to help Anna.

Everything is according to plan. Yu Ping is fully tricked.
 In comes ZZ and his assistants. They ask what they are doing in here.

The police also came because they heard of a fake Mei Hwa.

ZZ steps in the make the police all go away.

This whole lying the is really exciting and funny. RJX ends up pretending to be a manager thanks to XYD's big mouth. XYD is her assistant. ZZ is a business partner.

That ladies and gentleman is a lot of lying.

They go out to have dinner. The lie continues but it's finally time for Yu Ping to leave. After Yu Ping and Anna leave, RJX and XYD explains the whole story to ZZ.

 ZZ tells them that if Yu Ping likes Anna then he will love her even if she her job is in a nightclub.

I find that ZZ has a lot of wisdom.
 Uh Oh! Yu Ping sees Anna dancing at the nightclub.

Darling, stop crying. That man isn't worth your tears if he never truly loves you. If he does love you, he will accept whatever you do.

OMG! Don't jump Anna!

RJX and XYD tries to get Anna to come down. Anna is not listening and is saying weird things.

Anna says, "I have to find it, I have to find it. Yu Ping is mad at me. I have to find the scarf he gave to me. Once I find it, everything will be okay."

That building is like the same spot where XYD and RJX almost kiss.

I guess there is not a lot of places for the director to film this drama.

ZZ says, "Anna is going to jump off the building and die for you." Yu Ping says, "no, that's not possible, she wouldn't die for me."

ZZ says, "While you study for 4 years, Anna danced for 4 years; earning money for your school fees."

That kicked Yu Ping's butt, he goes find Anna.

Anna is in denial at first, but slowly Yu Ping and Anna reconcile.

Such a romantic couple. Even ZZ is googly eyes on them.

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