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A Hundred Year’s Inheritance

Title: A Hundred Year’s Inheritance / One Hundred Year’s Legacy / 100 Year’s Legacy/ Third Generation Noodle House
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: TBA
Director: Joo Sung Woo
Screenwriter: Ku Hyun Sook
Broadcast network: MBC, every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-05


Old man Uhm Pyung Dal runs his traditional noodle house as the third generation.
None of his sons and daughters interested to take care of the business.
So, he announced that any of his descendants who helps him running the noodle business for one year would be inherited the noodle factory and a land worth of 10 billion Won.
Soon, all his sons and daughters flock in his old home. Uhm Pyung Dal’s house which usually quiet suddenly crowded with families.

Though they compete for money at first but as they spend time together in one house, they start to know the value of a family and they change into one beloved family.

Character Description

Min Chae Won
Uhm Pyung Dal’s first grand daughter, Hyo Dong’s only daughter

She lost her mother in her early age and grew up with her grandparents.
She’s a strong woman and return to the noodle house after a divorce.
She wants to turn the old fashioned noodle house into a designer noodle house.
Then she gets competition from her former mother-in-law , Bang Young Ja.
Min Chae Won wants to reach success in business and love as well.

Lee Se Yoon
The only son of Baek Sul Joo and Lee Dong Gyu

He’s the only son of a rich family and he sees everything in the world is easy.
He’s rude, unkind and he thinks nothing could stop him.
But, he lost his taste sense 3 years ago, he can not differentiate sweet, sour, hot, salty and spicy.

Kim Chul Goo
The only son of Chairman Bang. Min Chae Won’s former husband.

He’s the successor of Geumryong Food company.
He’s handsome but he’s indecisive and weak-minded.

He lost his father in his early age and raised by his mother.
He never decided anything by himself. After his failed marriage , his mother controls him in everything, including picks the color of his clothes.

Kim Joo Ri
The only daughter of Chairman Bang, Kim Chul Goo’s younger sister.

She’s pretty although she’s not that smart. But with the help of her mother, she got college’s diploma and now is working in Se Yoon’s company.
She’s selfish and use her innocence to get Se Yoon’s heart.

Uhm Pyung Dal & Kim Kkeut Soon
74-year-old Uhm Pyung Dal is a hot tempered man and an unfriendly personality. He’s wacky and such a tricky old man
His wife, 71-year-old Kim Kkeut Soon , spent 55 years with him.

Min Hyo Dong & Yang Chun Hee
54-year-old Min Hyo Dong is Uhm Pyung Dals’ son-in-law, Min Chae Won’s father.
After his wife dead, he spent 20 years living with his stubborn father-in-law.
He’s working at a construction site as a electrical engineer. In his spare time, he helps his father-in-law making noodles.

52-year-old Yang Chun Hee married to Hyo Dong in her late age.
She grew up without parents so she regards Pyung Dal and Keut Soon as her own parents.

Uhm Ki Moon, Do Do Hee and Uhm Seul Hong
Uhm Pyung Dal’s son
52-year-old Uhm Ki Moon is Pyung Dal’s first son. He’s smart and now is working at Se Yoon’s company.
His wife, 52-year-old Do Do Hee is a greedy woman who always hungry for money.
Their only son, 21-year-old Uhm Seul Hong was sent to study in New York since middle school but his English is horrible.
He’s good at everything except school.

Uhm Ki Choon, Kong Kang Sook and Uhm Bo Reum
42-year-old Uhm Ki Choon is Pyung Dal’s second son.
Different from Ki Moon, he looks uneducated but brave with simple personality.
His wife, 39-year-old Kong Kang Sook , is optimistic woman.
Their only son, 7-year0old Uhm Bo Reum is a smart boy and steals his grandparents’ heart.

Uhm Ki Ok
Pyung Dal’s second daughter
She’s 33 years old and majored piano in university.
She’s the owner of ‘Mozart Piano School’.

Baek Sul Joo & Lee Dong Gyu
52-year-old Baek Sul Joo is Se Yoon’s mother.
A Stylish woman from a rich family. Actually, she grew up in an orphanage with Chun Hee.
She became rich after married to 54-yera-old Dong Gyu.
And now she pretends to not knowing Chun Hee who met with her after 30 years.

Baek Young Ja
Kim Chul Goo’s mother.
She’s 64-year-old and the owner of Geumrying Food company, one of big food company in Korea.
She’s hot tempered woman and once was a money lender.


Main Cast

Lee Jung Jin as Lee Se Yoon
Eugene as Min Chae Won
Choi Won Young as as Kim Chul Goo
Yoon Ah Jung as Kim Joo Ri

Noodle House

Shin Goo as Uhm Pyung Dal
Jung Hye Sun as Kim Kkeut Soon
Jung Bo Suk as Min Hyo Dong
Jun In Hwa as Yang Choon Hee
Kim Myung Soo as Uhm Ki Moon
Park Joon Geum as Do Do Hee
Seo Young Hoon as Uhm Seul Hong
Kwon Oh Joong as Uhm Ki Choon
Kim Hee Jung as Gong Kang Sook
Lee Tae Woo as Uhm Bo Reum
Sun Woo Sunas Uhm Ki Ok
Park Young Kyu as Kang Jin

Other People

Cha Hwa Yun as Baek Sul Joo
Nam Myung Ryul as Lee Dong Kyu
Park Won Sook as Bang Young Ja

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